The quality of our communication with our customers is often a factor in their decision to choose our products instead of our competitor’s. Maintaining a positive relationship between the company and the customer remains a significant challenge. We can make this task easier by using a visual relationship template to explore new methods of communication between each party, at all stages of the sales process.

A customer relationship template

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In sales presentations, sales representatives commonly focus on the company’s solutions, its market experience and successful projects. This comes from the misplaced concep that the customer is sure to be impressed with our achievements, so these achievements should form the core of the dialogue. In reality, most customers are interested in how we can help them to achieve particular business goals, such as finding equipment for a new office, increasing the number of purchase enquiries at the company’s site or acquiring new software to manage the company. To make our sales more effective, 80% of the sales representative’s dialogue with the customer should focus on what the customer needs at that moment. This concept forms the basis of relationship template.

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Source: Szef Sprzedaży no. 33/2017

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