The missing link

On-line only no. 13/2020

By joining the project team from the start, finance professionals can be the super-connector, helping to close the widening infrastructure gap.

The missing link

Could finance professionals be the key to filling a potential US$14 trillion global infrastructure gap that is set to loom by 2040? That is the premise of a recent joint research project by ACCA and CPA Canada.

The report, How accountants can bridge the global infrastructure gap: Improving outcomes across the entire project life cycle (link:, argues that finance professionals are best equipped not only to measure the gap – and there are a number of ways to do that – but also to reduce it so everybody can enjoy the benefits of well-planned, well-designed and well-built infrastructure, wherever in the world they are.

The report calls on finance professionals to help remove the substantial barriers that exist to closing the infrastructure gap. They need to be on the team when projects are selected, when they are financed, when they are built and when they are operated. The report points out: ‘The particular skills and perspective of the finance professional can mean the difference between success and failure’.

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Source: Finanse i Controlling no. 70/2020

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