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Our mission is to support sales managers and salespeople - all those who deal with sales – in achieving better and better results and improving language skills in the scope of Business English at the same time.

In each issue of our magazine you will find English-language articles with tools, materials and tips, prepared by the authors-practitioners who have been dealing with sales for years. An integral part of the magazine is Lexicon with an explanation of the most important industry terms, of course also in English.

Each issue carries 64 pages of extremely practical articles, hints, sales tips & tricks organized in the following structure:

  • Strategies
  • Customer relationships
  • Psychology of sales
  • Toolbox
  • Skills academy
  • Dream Team

Thanks to our magazine:

  • you will polish your Business English, and it will help you conduct effective negotiations with foreign contractors, and thus - the implementation of the designated sales plans,
  • you will gain access to materials developed by sales practitioners, which you will successfully use in your daily work with the sales team and in contact with the customer,
  • you will learn the sales techniques and tricks used by the most effective salespeople, thanks to which you will more easily reach the decision-maker, overcome the customer's objections and finalize the transaction.

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  • 64 pages of practical knowledge
  • permanent headings of the magazine
  • convenient format

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  • unpublished articles in print
  • toolbox with ready-to-use tools